Monday, November 22, 2010

Turning an old book case into chic market shelving

This book case has been around since forever, it was in my brother’s room when we were kids. When my Mum asked me if I wanted it, I said yes thinking I’d give it a quick paint and it can live in one of the boy’s rooms.

But then I needed some shelves for my market stall and came up with a quick solution…

Old bookcase to shelving 1

Chop chop and a quick sand Old bookcase to shelving 2

An awesome paint colour Old bookcase to shelving 3 And tada! Some VERY cute shelves!

Old bookcase to shelving 4 Old bookcase to shelving 5 Old bookcase to shelving 6  I couldn’t resist scuffing them up and making them look slightly worn.Old bookcase to shelving 8 Old bookcase to shelving 9Here’s some of my necklace displays, made from wire, blue fabric and stretchy lace…   Old bookcase to shelving 10Old bookcase to shelving 11Old bookcase to shelving 12 I can’t wait to put my stall together and wow some customers!


krissign (1)


Casey said...

good idea! they look great :)

Margaret said...

You are a marvel.

Sandi Butler said...

Wow!! What a transformation! Love the jewellery stands too. Your stall is going to look totally awesome!

CurlyPops said...

Great job!
I need you to come over to my place and fix up some of the jobs on my man list - you're a whizz with the power tools!

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