Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taking stock

Yesterday I listened to Neil Mitchell on 3AW radio. The story he was reporting mostly was about a little girl named Mikayla who is 6 and terminally ill. Her family has been advised to bring Christmas forward to this weekend (which is also her 7th birthday).

See the story here

Isn’t she beautiful?

Her Father said something that really pulled at my heart. When she was in hospital Mikayla’s Dad had to tell her she wasn’t going to live much longer. The poor little girl was worried that she would be forgotten once she was gone.

Neil Mitchell has asked for people to send her a birthday card to let her know that she wont be forgotten. So today I got a Tinkerbell card (she loves fairies) and I sent a little present with it.

pearls and more pearls 3 I attached the butterfly in this pic to a little necklace for the birthday girl. I really hope she likes it and that it takes her mind off things for a little while.

So if you live in Australia or even if you don’t and you want to let Mikayla know she will not be forgotten you can send a card to:

Mikayla Francis

Care of Menzies Creek Primary School

12 School Road,

Menzies Creek 3159



My thoughts are with Mikayla’s family.

Cherish these precious moments with your special little girl. Thinking of you.


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Carly Findlay said...

Thank you for posting. You encouraged me to send her a card and a little something too.
My thought are with her and her family.

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