Sunday, November 21, 2010

More jewellery trees off to market

I’m hoping they will be well received. Instead of people walking past thinking ‘Urgh! What are those things?!’, I’d like them to think ‘Oooo… they’re interesting!’.

Jewellery trees 1 They still need cleaning up and sealing but I’m getting really quick at making them now. I can usually get a whole one built and start on the next one in a night. That don’t include the cleaning… the only annoying part of making them.

Jewellery trees 2I’m taking them to a big market we have in the North of Victoria called the Murrabit Market. Murrabit is only a tiny town but it becomes completely packed with people on the first Saturday of every month when the market is on. And summer is the best time to go when there are more stall holders, so if you are a keen market goer it is worth the trip on the first Saturday in December! I’ll see you there!

In other news Jem and kids at gradOur Husband and Daddy will now be a permanent fixture in our house!

He has finished his training and is posted near home. Which means, after 9 months, I am no longer a single Mum most of the time! Oh the relief! Aus can ask Daddy millions of questions instead of Mummy. And Noah can be firmly attached to Daddy’s leg instead of Mummy’s!

In short, Mummy can swan around in relative freedom… sometimes. But sometimes is better than ‘notimes’ :)   


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Littletreats said...

That must be such a relief for you! Enjoy your new found freedom when you get it :)

I love your jewellery trees, they're so unique and the first time I really had to look twice (spoons?! amazing!) :) Keep up the lovely work


Casey said...

Someday I will be in Australia to get one of your trees! They're all awesome, I especially love the far right one :)

and yay for your husband being home! and yay for not having to do it all anymore! you can put your feet up once in awhile :)

Jeanine said...

I really do think the trees are fantastic! I love to see such creative re-use of things that might otherwise just sit around taking up space and gathering dust. :)

Banaghaisge said...

It all looks wonderful!! Gorgeous blue on the shelves, gorgeous bloke in the blue!
Where is he stationed? Hope it isn't too far (and he hasn't got bogged this past w/e.
Been a bit non-posting lately - and having a catch up today. I have still got that little collection for you....
Hugs, Jamsine

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