Thursday, October 14, 2010

The promised finished photos

I’m very proud that we managed this!

finished hallway 2 

finished hallway Aus was actually a great helper… Noah not so much. He sat on the boards while I was trying to lift them and slot them in, he ran and crawled on the underlay while I was trying to lay it because he liked the feel of it and he kept stealing my tools. But who could get mad when he was always giving me big cheesy grins like this:

my little cutieAus always brought my tools back so I could continue working and he stood on the end of each board to hold it down as I whacked the other end in to place. Then he would say ‘want me to get you another board Mum?’. He also did such a great job of keeping the secret, on the phone to Dad he would say ‘Daddy we have a big surprise for you, but I can’t tell you what it is!’… just to torture poor Jem :) When we finished we stood at the end surveying our handwork and he said ‘Cool floor Mum, can I get my cars to race on it now?’

my cutie 1 my cutie 2

These photos were taken today with the new camera (yes still in love).

We did have one slight hiccup… the morning after we finished the floor I came out in the morning to find a lovely picture drawn in pencil all over the new floor. Gah!!

When asked why he drew all over the precious floor, Aus replied that he was measuring where it had to be cut, like he had seen me do around the doorways.  Monkey see I guess, well at least he’ll be good at carpentry when he’s older :)

More pictures of the goings on to come!

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CurlyPops said...

Yah! Do you think you could pop over and rip up my carpet and lay some boards?

Anonymous said...

lol... he sounds just like my big guy :) Such a wonderful helper one minute and the next...... great post :)

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Your new floor boards look fantastic!
You and your little helpers did a great job.

Casey said...

beautiful floors!! you did a great job :)

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