Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where to start?

Well it’s all been happening here, and I mean ALL.

The dreaded gastro struck our house last week. Noah was first up and had a relatively light dose, then Jem went down with it the next night (as well as my Mum). And lastly Aus ended up throwing up all over my Mum at a 21st birthday party on Friday night. Happily though, I didn’t catch it and could look after my poor boys.

We have also celebrated Jem’s birthday, my birthday and our wedding anniversary in the last couple of weeks. For Jem’s present I had big ideas for a suprise…

hallway floor 1 

hallway floor 2

While he was away I ripped up the carpet in the hallway and laid down floating floor. It took the kids and I 3 days, testimony that a Mummy and a 3 yr old and 1 yr old can do amazing things :)

Jem thought it was a great surprise and was suitably impressed, not only with the awesomeness of the new floor, but our ability to keep it a secret until he came home!

Finished photo to come!


my boys

We’ve also had a new addition to the family:

It’s gorgeous in every way and so worth the pain of forking out for it! Look forward to some great shots from now on! I have to resist sleeping with it on the pillow next to me, I’m so in love :)

There’s been lots more going on so hopefully the next few posts will catch up. Now I’d better get back to stalking my usual blogs so I know what’s going on!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome work on the floor mama!! Im hearing ya on the appliance love, my lastest surprise had to be wrestled from my grip before bedtime on its first night in the house :) Can hardly wait to see your photography world open up :)

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Welcome back! I hope you are all better now.
I love it that you and your boys put new floorboards in, and this is just "normal" for your family - I wish mine was so clever. Yes please, photos of finished job.
And your camera is DIVINE!!!! Digi SLR's are the BEST. Enjoy :)

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