Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Artist

Yesterday Aus and I had a play with some cool metallic paints.  aus pictures

His paintings have changed so much recently. Before he would just get the paint and smoosh it all together and make a big multi-coloured puddle. But now he uses colours separately and makes individual puddles, which of course represent something… usually the dog. :)

I had a little play too, who can resist shiny paint? Not me…

mum picture

This was all in aid of trying to teach a certain someone that drawing/painting is for paper only. Not for arms, legs or any other body part, and most definitely not for the lovely white walls!

aus pen on arm

Did anyone have a problem with kids drawing on walls repeatedly?

krissign (1)


Casey said...

ooh fun! I have had lots of problems with the walls. I saw a really great tip on Nate Berkus recently about crayons on the walls, you use regular toothpaste to just wipe it off! so much better than those magic erasers

Jan Quigley said...

Yep that's going back a few years, he's now 14. Rowan was partial to drawing on one of our bedroom walls in my lipstick. We ended up painting it aubergine as a feature wall & he didn't do it again. Ah memories.

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