Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sun! or not...

Today, finally, there was a brief flash of sunlight through the gloomy cloud. So we ran around the corner to the park hoping it would hold... it didn't.

going to the park 5.8.2010

No matter. Bubbles can be played with in any weather!

going to the park 5.8.2010 3

going to the park 5.8.2010 4

We were doing our best to cheer up 'baby brother'... after he had 3 injections this morning. (Mummy simply couldn't take him in but was on hand for cuddles after the fact)

going to the park 5.8.2010 2

He handled it like a trooper, but has been wearing that 'don't mess with me fella' expression ever since.


Casey said...

hehe. He looks like he's going to kick somebody's butt!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Oh, I LOVE his cranky face! So good you got a photo of it.

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