Friday, August 6, 2010


This is Chirp:

chirp 3

Isn't he cute in his somewhat wonky little cage...

chirp 2

I totally meant to put that little door in... kinda.
Alright no I didn't.
I was just going to try a simple little cage first to see if I could do it. In trying to solder another part and not watching while the torch was angled, I accidentally super heated the area where the door is. The wire split and melted apart.
Should I just throw it in the scrap pile?
Nup, I'm going to put a door there...

chirp 4

Sadly the door doesn't close because I am yet to learn hinges.
So little Chirp has a constant opportunity to escape. But he doesn't because he likes his somewhat wonky little cage... and also his butt is soldered to it.

Poor Chirp, no one wants their butt soldered.


Kelly said...

Gorgeous Piece, I love the door being open!

GetSilvered said...

He's just gorgeous. A great piece :)

Dee said...

Soooo cute

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