Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pretty Packages

pretty package 1

What's in them?

Maybe there's one of these...

Bride Swallow 1

Bride Swallow 4

which will be worn with these...

Bride Earrings

And then there could be 3 of these...

Brides Maids Swallow 1

Brides Maids Swallow 2

which will be worn with these...

Brides Maids Earrings

I'm hoping they will look stunning (but not so stunning as the bride) on the big day!

p.s Thanks to everyone who suggested a way to deal with my little 'issue' (sorry Scott). I will be plucking up my courage one of these days!


Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Just beautiful, Kris! All of them.
I wish you could have made my wedding jewelery.

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