Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A neighborly problem...

We live in a street with lots of old(er) retired couples and they are all very nice. Sometimes a little bit too nice.
One in particular is a very genuine and lovely guy who's wife works away for a week at a time. I think since he knows Jem's away every week, he has taken it upon himself to take care of me a bit... or a lot.

3 times a day he knocks on the door for different reasons:

To bring the kids something,
To bring us food- soup or spagetti etc.,
To see if I'm ok or if I would like him to do something for me.

Usually the first time he knocks, I'm still in my pjs!

I know he's just looking after us but every time he comes there is at least a 20 minute conversation involved.

When I hear the knock all I can do is hope I've wiped this look off my face before I open it...

must you look

It's my 'oh no, must you?' look.

So here's where all you lovely bloggers with more life experience can tell me what to do about this little 'issue'. I don't want to hurt him because he really is a lovely guy... I just need him to back up a little bit :)

So please- advise away!


Tania said...

Yikes. I am appalling at scenarios such as these and therefore NOHELPWHATSOEVER. Sorry. And good luck. On the up side, you're 'oh no, must you' look is very empathetic looking...!

scott said...

Oh!!!!! NOW I get it.....you did want to look "reluctant and coerced"! Hehehehe! In that case this is a masterful photo of you, Kris! OK.....here's how you handle this guy. First off remember that what oher people think of you is NONE of your business. It is your business to set your own boundaries. Just TELL him directly and with no fiddlin' around what those boundaries are. And do sincerely thank him for being there in case you ever do need his assistance (because you might...). Do NOT be ambiguous, hoping that he'll 'interpret' just exactly what the boundaries are.....make a bullet list for him, if you must, *No unannounced visits....please call first.
*Absolutely no visits before 12 noon. (hehehe....or whatever!)
*I'm beginning to get very slightly annoyed having to see you more than twice a week
*I have NO intention of letting my boys start calling you "Uncle Roy"
etc. etc. etc....

The fact that you are a "pretty young thing", whose husband is regularly away from the house....coupled with the fact that his wife is also regularly away.....coupled with the fact that he always has an ulterior 'philanthropic' reason to justify his unannounced and frequent visits......blah, blah blah....you know where I'm heading. NOBODY is that nice...(well, there ARE....but I'm thinking that this guy's not one of them. Set him straight, Kris! Don't be shy! He's turning your mornings into something to dread! It's not a 'little issue' and you know it! You're just too nice and sweet for your own good! Remember!
"What other people think of me is NONE of my business! Good luck my friend!

CurlyPops said...

Hmmm can you tell him that you (or one of the boys) have something contagious and you're not allowed to open the door?

Kellie Christie said...

You could sit inside and just not answer the door.... slightly mean but it's hard when you aren't one for confrontations. I like what Scott said too, give it to him straight. Don't be too subtle and beat around the bush.

billiemonster said...
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