Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moody much?

Then this pendant will help you let everyone know which moody you currently favor...

sterling and copper mood pendant 1

It's copper and sterling silver and each little part was individually hand sawed out. Wow, that took a while! The idea is that you spin the wheel around on the rivet to your mood.

sterling and copper mood pendant 2

sterling and copper mood pendant 5

I was thinking about the mood rings we had when we were kids, where the colour changed supposedly according to your mood. So this is my big kid version :)

It could also be useful for making up marriage tiffs, eg. If you've had enough of being mad, point the pendant to smoochy or loving :)


Big and Little with Odd Socks said...

What a clever idea and I admire your patience individually hand sawing each piece.

malia said...

this is wonderful... you are so talented!

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