Friday, August 13, 2010

Tuesday Freebies… On Friday. Antique Stencils

Damn, and I was doing so well keeping up and then bam! I completely forget to post the freebies! How can you forget something you do every week on the same day? I’m quite sure that before I had kids, my memory was infinitely better than it is now. Sometimes I even mix up their names… bit sad considering I only have two :)

Anyway here you go, enjoy!

polaroid camera stencil

antique-jug stencil

old watch stencil

Click on the image you want, wait for it to load, right click and save the image to your computer.

krissign (1)


Big and Little with Odd Socks said...

Just wait till you throw the dogs name into the mix for your kids names. I have two girls but 'Toby' still manages to come out of my mouth sometimes.

meredith said...

Great blog! Those are adorable stencils (the clock is my fav)

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