Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teeth with a grudge!

The Wee One is sick today so no day care for him and no work for Mummy. I think there's some teeth doing their best to torture the poor little fellow... and by default me. We spent most of the night up cuddling together, something Daddy gets to miss out on- lucky bugger.

Noah is still wearing this face from last week after injections, but now he has flaming red cheeks.

going to the park 5.8.2010 2

While he's asleep I wanted to quickly post these earrings I made for myself. Sterling and copper with sterling chain hanging below. I'm going to wear them to Jem's Grad Ball next week... I think. What do you think? Are they dressy enough? Maybe I should have gone with something more elaborate?

my earrings for grad 2

my earrings for grad 1

I'll listen to the wisdom of the blogging community so let me know what you think!

Also I'm still working on getting the Etsy Kick Start Feature going, I did not expect the huge response (thought maybe one or two people might be interested) but soon it'll be all up and running! So Keep watching this space!


Casey said...

they're beautiful!! I think they are perfect :)

Big and Little with Odd Socks said...

I think they are lovely and would be perfect for a graduation and go well with your new shoes.

Tess, Gilded Days said...

What a face! And I think those earrings are gorgeous!

The Clip Cafe said...

Precious lil man!! And LOVE your blog Very nice to look through and clear :-)

Rachel said...

Gorgeous! Truly gorgeous, I really love them! I wouldn't change a thing.

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