Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ouch... in a good way!

new tattoo 1

I've wanted to get this done for a long time now. Finally I plucked up my courage and bit the bullet. It certainly wasn't as painful as I was thinking and so worth it :)
My best friend got one on her hip that took about an hour and was a lot more involved than mine. But I'll need to work up to that!
We had a great family day ( her 2 little girls are the same ages as my boys ) and the Daddies took the kids while the Mummies went to the tattoo parlor in Echuca. Then we had a great lunch in Moama and went down to the river to paddle. We had to hurry back to the cars because of the sudden storm that seemed to come from nowhere! Aside from that it was such a good day!

And this is my fluey sister tonight curled up on the couch with Austin... yes he's wearing a helmet. No I don't know why. It's fun I guess :)

Annie and Aus with bike helmet


Lady Bug Cat said...

haha, Abbey likes wearing her bike helmet too, for no particular reason. Love his jimmy-jams too, too cute.

Sandi Butler said...

Ow! Ow... just thinking about that makes my eyes water. Nice writing tho :)

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