Sunday, March 7, 2010

A slightly bigger project!

Since Hubby will be away soon, I'm making good use of him while he's here. I've been wanting a walk-in-robe for SO long and now I'm going to have it! After a bit of hard work of course. We're doing it all ourselves and so far it's been going really well :)

building works 1

There was the small issue of fixing the floor before we could do anything...

building works 3

fized hole in the floor

And removing most of the old horrible 'pine board look-a-like panels'

building works 2

And now we've got most of the wall farming up, just need to do a few small bits tomorrow and then it will be ready to plaster! I'm actually having a lot of fun working with Hubby and since I'm a building designer by trade I know how this stuff goes together... meaning I'm project manager and he's the brawn!

Our little helper was told that he couldn't come into the room without shoes on because of the nails. This was he's solution:

Austin's shoes

Can't wait til it's finished! How exciting!


Sandi Butler said...

I love seeing room transformations.

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