Saturday, March 6, 2010

Boy in Blue...

The big news in our house is that by September our Hubby and Daddy will be wearing one of these on his arm:

It's a huge deal to him and so, by default to me :) Ever since I met him Jem's wanted to be in the police. He'd kind of given up on the idea after we had Austin, mainly because you have to be away 5 days a week in Melbourne and it's a large pay cut while you're at the academy. But he'd kind of gotten fed up with the job he was doing and was looking for something else, so I nudged him into doing the entrance exam. He did well and now almost a year and a half later he's a week away from starting his training.
So it's just going to be me and the kids during the week and he will be home on weekends (for about 6 months). I wish we didn't live so far away from Melbourne but we like it here, so we'll do what we have to. I'm really not sure how I'm going to do by myself with 2 small children, I can get a bit overwhelmed at times like most Mums. That's where Jem takes over and gives me a few hours to myself. I might need to make good use of my parents and Jem's Brother and SIL as babysitters once in a while! :)
Jem is Austin's favored parent just at the moment, when he is sick or hurts himself he only wants Daddy. So I don't know how that's going to go down, I've told him Daddy has to go away for a while and he'll be back sometimes, but to him I think it will feel like years instead of months. I really feel for the poor little guy. Noah is too young to really know, hopefully Jem will be back before he really misses him.
If anyone has been through anything like this with their family separated for a fair amount of time, and has any advice, it would be much appreciated! :)
Sorry for this long personal post, it really is quite daunting- but exciting at the same time!


Calidore said...

Congratulations Jem. What wonderful news - I hope the training goes well and you enjoy yourself. As for the kids missing Daddy - take it one day at a time that's all you can do. All of you will need an adjustment period but at least you have family and friends nearby to help out when you need it.

Lady Bug Cat said...

Fantastic news Kris, congratulations Jem!
My cousin graduated from the academy around 18 months ago, and he is loving it.
Jem will only be a phone call away, but I know you will still miss him. It is a small sacrifice to make for such a wonderful long term career.
Sorry, can't offer any advice, you have the right idea of letting your local baby sitters help.
Maybe Aus and Jem can choose a new soft toy or similar, and when Aus wants his daddy, he can cuddle the soft toy (Abbey used my stuffed lady bug as a teddy when I was in hospital having Zoe, when she missed me, and this worked for us a treat)

stepfie said...

Congrats krissy, my good friend Sarah graduated on the 5th of march. Time will fly because it only feels like yesterday that she started. Time really will fly and before you know it he will be home.

Sandi Butler said...

Great news, you must be proud!
My hubby was in the Air Force when we started going out. He lived on base, and visited on weekends. Lucky you have family around you for support and a helping hand.

Banaghaisge said...

You are so right - daunting but exciting!!! What agreat thing to do, congratulations all round.
And it isn't so bad being a single Mum for 5 days, you know - he will be back very soon!!!

Jazy said...

Just found your blog and reading the past entrees I found this one!
I did the same now 18y ago! hubby joined then too!
I had a 6y old girl and was pregnant with #2. (9 months of being sick Oh the joy of it!!
It wasn't easy (I was also getting used to living on the other side of the world!) But we got though it and while it was hard we got through it! There is light at the end of the Tunnel!

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