Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The belly and stunning hair...

Busy busy little bee I've been. Not.
I relaxed at the salon today and let someone play with my hair. And make it stunning in the process! :) Oh yes I'll be the tired and frumpy after having this child, but at least I'll have fantastic hair!

I had an urgent order to do for Rachel's sister who is turning 35 this weekend. I hope she has a wonderful birthday and enjoys her necklace:

I also managed to whip up one little willy tent- this little baby is going to save me so many changes of clothes! I tried to splay the bottom out so that it will sit properly and not fall off. We'll see how it works soon.

Last of all the promised belly shot. It's gone way past a cute pregnant belly. Now I simply look strangely over balanced. Oh well that's what you get for being 38 weeks. I actually had a few twinges today- so hopefully that means we'll be off to hospital sooner rather than later :)

Please notice the 'do' and how it doesn't involve any dark roots. Everything is as it should be :)



Missie - you look wonderful!!!!!
I just found your blog yesterday so I'm far behind - I remember those days many moons ago.

Good Luck -



P.S. Love the hat!

Renee said...

your belly is gorgeous, as is your 'do'.
Wishing you a speedy delivery!

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