Saturday, June 6, 2009


Phew. It's done and dusted. Sorry about the crap photos but it's very hard to get good ones of quilts! I used a blanket binding for a special reason- Aus has a blanket he was given when he was born and when he goes to sleep he feels the satin binding between his fingers. It looks very cute :)

This is the first time I've backed a quilt with minky fabric. I had sandwiched it all together and then found out that you need to iron on some fusible interfacing to stop the minky from stretching. Bah! I considered just continuing with it anyway but eventually decided to take it apart and use the interfacing. I'm happy I did but have you got any idea how hard it is at 37 weeks pregnant to be on the floor trying to pin the bloody thing together!? I was puffing by the end!
Today I'm making some more little willy tents and also going to try this baby snuggler pattern. Can someone tell me how to print the bloody thing out so it's the right size? It keeps coming out way too small!
10 days to go...


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