Monday, June 1, 2009

Birthday pressies and Willies...

Phew, I've only just finished work and I'm bored already. So bored that I cleaned the house :) But at least I've been able to get into some orders:
These are matching necklace and bracelet sets

And I made my Brother-In-Law's birthday pressie (late of course), a stenciled hoodie. It's from a photo of him playing footy with my husband, it's actually a bit scary how well they get on. I'm really sorry if this offends any red heads out there! It's a family joke and he plays up being a 'Ranga' as best he can. He's a great guy and he'll have a good laugh at this I think.

Tomorrow's project, little willy cones! :) Like these from Little Birdie Secrets. They are cleverly designed to stop little fountains from going absolutely every where! I'll be making a few because Aus shot me just about every time the air hit his bits!!

15 days. Doctor's visit went fine today, he's head down and nearly engaged. Aus listened to his baby brother's heart and was quite obviously amazed. He kept shouting 'Baby Brother Mum!!'. I think it may have just confused him more about what's actually in Mummy's tummy.

Tomorrow I'm off to have some pampering and get my hair done (ewww, I hate dark roots!). I'll want to look at least a little bit presentable when people come to visit after this kid decides to make his appearance. And also have some kind-of nice photos that I don't hate! He he. The photos of me after having Aus are just disgusting, I can't bear to have them out on display!

I'll post a belly shot tomorrow and show off my new 'Do' as well!


Princess kirstie jane said...

Looks like you have got plenty to do, remember though to put your feet up and rest a bit. BTW I have tagged you, check my blog for details, it was fun and should fill in some time if you feel like it.

CurlyPops said...

Looking forward to the belly shot!
With all that energy, you'd better get as much crafting done as possible before the new bub arrives.

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