Monday, April 13, 2009

A Beautiful Weekend & shop update...

Hello all, hope you had a lovely Easter and are still munching happily on chockie!
We started the long weekend by going to the footy ground for a kick with my sister and her boyfriend. I took this photo below and then had to giggle. It looks like my sister is some type of goddess who can make water by simply holding out her hands :)

Hubby did his best AFL impersonations...

And my brother in law came out still smiling.... not so much hubby :)

We headed out the lake and were treated to a lovely show each night across the lake, when a deep orange moon would rise with a beautiful reflection.

And then it was time for the Easter egg hunt!

Uh, 2 years old need a little bit of help...


Of course, the wheelbarrow!!

The bucket from the last post came in very handy and fit more than a few eggs!!

Ahh... the best bit... yum!

Happy Easter Everyone!

I've also updated the Missie Krissie Shop with the new earrings from this post... pop in for a look!


Corrie said...

oh I had to laugh at that afl shot! my husband is normally a quiet reserved guy until the afl comes on and then he's all come oooooooon, ball, go blues and yelling out at the tv! he's an afl man living in sydney where everyone loves rugby or league!!!!!!!! love the photo!


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