Friday, April 10, 2009

Company in the craft room!

Been a little bit flat out this week- for no real reason. Just the usual mania leading up to a holiday. I've been trying to get all the housework done early in the day and then do some fun things with Aus, while he's still an only child. So we've been making paint butterflies...

He chose all the colours, not a bad eye for it I think- definitely wasn't going for 'girly' colours!

And last night my sister and her boyfriend came home from Bendigo. While the boys did the footy thing out in the lounge the girls went to the studio and created. My sister needed something for her hair to wear to the Easter racing tomorrow, so she chose some lace and I showed her how to make the lace flowers. Then we stuck a feather behind it and a clip. The dress she's going to wear is dark blue so I think it will match quite well :)

And this is what I was working on... Easter egg hunt buckets! :) Tonight we're meeting up with some friends who have kids the same age as Aus and we'll be hinding some mini eggs around for them. I thought they'd need something to put their eggs in so I whipped one up for each of them, with their initials on the front.

They will be able to fit quite a few eggs in there!
(Thanks to my lovely sister for the photo shoot!)

Happy Easter everyone! Eat as much chockie as you can get your hands on, since this is the only real excuse we get each year!! Have a lovely weekend!


Little Miss Pepperberry said...

I love those bags! They look so professionally made. Just stunning! Well done :-)

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Love these bags! (yes, I am commenting 2 easters later!)
Great idea, I want to do some for us for next year now - too cute :)

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