Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ah... Sunday night

I can't believe it's already been a week since my last post. Time just flies by with a 2 yr old! I can't really say exactly what I've been doing- apart from washing clothes, cleaning etc...
But this weekend we went out to the forest to get our firewood for winter (with all the appropriate permits).

There were 4 men with chain saws and 4 women and a 2 yr old to load the trucks/trailers. Obviously I wasn't much help, but Aus did his best!

This is Hubby's handiwork... Love a tough man with a chain saw!

So now I think we're pretty set for winter, we'll be toasty in front of the fire :)

Tomorrow I'm off to the bank to beg, I mean apply for a loan extension for our renos. I really hope we can get it and do all the things I want to, including a new kitchen, new combustion heater, new walk in robe and big robes for the kids rooms. Also a new bathroom and Laundry and Study. Yikes, it sounds like a lot doesn't it?! But all that will be done without extending the floor area at all- our house is quite large already and just needed to be moved around internally a bit. I really can't wait. If you think I'm a bit mad for doing this with less than 2 months to go until our next baby is born, I agree. But we'll be moving to the holiday house on the lake while the renos are taking place and it's quite comfy out there so I'm not too worried.

Otherwise I've been keeping busy knocking up the winner's prizes from my giveaway. These babies are off to their new owners tomorrow. If you like them, there are plenty available in my shop, just click the link in the side bar :)

And soon I'll have another tutorial up on (I've been asked to do a guest piece)- I think it will be my lace flowers tutorial plus an added section on how to make them with fabric just laying around. I'll let you know when it's all go.

They end up quite pretty don't they?! Thanks for stopping by and I love getting comments and read every single one, so please leave yours :)


CurlyPops said...

Good luck with the bank today. Hope they give you all the cashola that you need!
PS I love seeing other people renos so make sure you take plenty of photos while it's happening and keep us all up to date.

Infarrantly Creative said...

Gorgeous...I can't wait!!! It is more perfect than i imagined ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Kris I had to have a peak I couldn't resist!! My necklace is soooooo beautiful!!! thank you sooo much, yay lucky me

three buttons said...

You have been busy!!

Thank you for joining my giveaway! Ohhh the mysterious of what it will be... : )

Handsome Steve says hello! :D

Banaghaisge said...

Yummy firewood... I am drooling! I need to marshall the troops and get some more, too. (have a look for Rayburn Stove on my blog and you will see why I need it!).

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