Saturday, April 25, 2009


I was full of good intentions this morning to get up and go to the dawn service- unfortunately that fell by the way side with a 2 yr old waking up every hour for some reason all night. I did go to the street to watch the march though- but got there just as they were finishing up. Obviously I'm not the most organised of people.
But I wanted to tell you about something that happened just after the march. I went into the newsagent and there was a guy standing there paying for his paper. I caught the end of what he was saying- 'damn Government saying everything has to be closed, don't they know the war ended years ago. Old farts just like to pretend they're still useful'. He looked at the lady behind the counter as if he expected her to agree with him.
My jaw nearly hit the floor and I clenched my fists. Thankfully I didn't need to say anything- the lady gave him a look and said 'we wouldn't be living the life we are now if they hadn't sacrificed everything for our country! Have some respect!'
Yes! Go newsagent lady!! I completely agree and wish that some weren't so selfish!!

On a lighter note. I'll be back later this afternoon with a little announcement about a Mother's day special in my shop :)


Calidore said...

I'm surprised the news agent lady didn't throw a paper at him. How rude. Wonder if he would be the one hiding under the bed if we had been invaded.

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