Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some of the orders I sent out this week...

First off thanks so much to the lovely miss Curlypops who so generously ordered this:

Thanks for putting it on your blog Cam!

These ones are orders from the market, these 2 were for people who wanted their kid's names:

This is a bracelet for a lady who want the first initial of each of her grandkids:

This copper necklace was as a present for a lady with her kid's names:

I like this one, it's a teardrop shape with kid's names on the bottom and a Fleur dis le design stamped in the middle. It also has a tiny bell as well as a pearl:

Phew! I'm pretty proud of myself, these and a few more are the product of an entire day of stamping! But I love it!!! :)
Sorry for the bad photos, I'll so my best to get better ones in the future!
Also I'm taking orders if anyone wants one!!
*Batting eye lids*

Cheers everyone, hope your Chrissy shopping is going well! Or Chrissy crafting if you've got more time on your hands!


CurlyPops said...

Oh they're all so lovely! The bracelet is a great idea for a nana with lots of grandies too.
I love mine!

Selina said...

I saw your gorgeous necklaces on CurlyPops blog and HAVE to have one! Please?

Shellbells said...

can I get one like cam's that says "love makes the world go round' can you do lowercase???Can you do it in silver and blue??

edward and lilly said...

I'm interested in ordering one for my sister for Christmas, how much are they?

Super Monkey said...

Your necklaces are fantastic! Love the teardrop one


rousabout studio said...

Hi, where do I buy one?? Please let me know.. I really, really want one like NOW!!!!! stunning

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