Saturday, December 6, 2008

Woo!! Orders!

Yay! People liked them! Yippee! I got at least 8 orders today, almost all for the necklaces which are the most expensive. When I had a think about it though, I would pay much more for a Christmas pressie for my mum, so it's no wonder no one thought they were over priced.
So I covered my site fee and the fuel to get there. Not a bad start right? Ok now I'm off to start the stamping!
If anyone reading this would like one I'll take any orders you want to give me & you will have them by christmas :)


CurlyPops said...

I would love to order one for myself for Christmas. I figure I deserve a gift!
Can I please order one of the of the sterling silver necklaces with one of the circle rings (the ones that look like washers) with CurlyPops stamped onto it.

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