Sunday, December 14, 2008

I hate spew...

Yeah lovely title I know. But it's totally true. I don't know what was wrong with poor Aussie Bob tonight but... yuck. At least he got out of bed and did it on the floor- no changing bed sheets. When he felt a bit better he seemed quite impressed with himself as he got to sit up with Mum on the couch and cuddle. Then when he started talking about Santa and all the presents he was bringing I knew he was right to go back to bed! :)

I went to a 21st party on Saturday night- so good to get out again. Except having to leave early to take Aussie Bob home with sore teeth. But anyway, J wanted to stay out so I went to bed... only to be woken up at 4am by him falling in the kitchen window. I had locked him out with every intention of getting up to open the door for him when he came back- sadly for him I'm a heavy sleeper and didn't hear his knocks or his phone calls! He was a funny sight lying on the kitchen floor.

On another note I must be showing a fair bit now, a friend said she didn't know whether to ask if there was another one on the way or stay on the safe side and wait until someone else said something in case there wasn't. He he.

Ok more orders are done and will be on their way tomorrow, more people getting their chrissy pressies on time! Thank god!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! ;)


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