Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yummy mail & some craftiness...

Woot! Lovely mail waiting for me after work today, thanks to the lovely Miss Curly Pops!! She sent it very sneakily! Thanks so much Cam, I love it! I'm wearing it to work tomorrow to show it off!

And yes... I have been doing crafty stuff! I've just gotten so fed up with only doing wedding stuff that I had to do something different! So I made these little panels to be part of little blankies for some of the 5 babies I know who are arriving in Nov/Dec. I'm hedging my bets- there has to be at least 1 boy and 1 girl in that lot!

I'm also starting a new venture that I can't tell you all about yet... I need to get it all up and running first and it probably wont be until early Nov. Tomorrow I'm doing 3 exams to continue being an Energy Rater for 5 star houses, there's a new program out now so I've got to go and do another 2 day course to be accredited. All this 2 weeks before the big day... I'm cramming like I never crammed in school!!
Hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow. :)


Shellbells said...

good luck with the the rocket!!

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