Monday, September 22, 2008


Just like it says... but having a bad day, not just a bad hair day. I think I may have invested a little too much emotion in this wedding thing. I went to the hair dresser today to have a trial for my wedding hair (see below). She just couldn't do it, at all. I was trying to be nice and saying 'i just want that there and this to look like this'... but alas, horrible hair. Here's where the too much emotion part comes in: I got home and burst into tears, sobbing to J that it was all wrong. Hmmm.... perhaps I should take a little step back and breathe a bit. When exactly did I become one of those 'Bridezillas'?
She wants me to come back on Saturday for another go. So I'm going to try it, if she can't do it, I'll just need to pick another style. And before you tell me to go to a different hair dresser, I have thought about it but cannot bring myself to crush this woman's confidence by deserting her. She is after all still training. So we'll try again and this time no tears...

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, I'm so swamped and tired that I just can't get the energy to do it often enough. But I do check everyone else's blogs and imagine myself doing all the crafty things you guys are doing!! So keep it up because I am living through you at the moment!

Ah... just think of what bliss it will be with no wedding to plan for... less than 2 weeks to go!!


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