Monday, September 15, 2008

Wedding hair...

Ok, I realise that everything I've been posting lately has something to do with getting married. But really I have nothing else to post about, my life IS my wedding at the moment. Don't worry only 3 weeks to go and I'll be done and dusted with it all!!
But... until then: The bridal hair style! This is what I've chosen, please let me know what you think? I really believe it's elegant and will go with my dress perfectly (which you haven't seen and wont until the big day!)

Thanks so much everyone for all your lovely feedback! I can't get enough, and to tell you the truth you guys are the only ones who I've shown these things to... it's a surprise for my family and friends on the day. So keep it all comin!


Shellbells said...

lovely lovely cant wait to see on the day. and every bride goes stir crazy before their big's there God given right!!! Enjoy the next 3 weeks.

CurlyPops said...

Love that hairdo...very elegant.
Are you having a trial run at the hairdresser?

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