Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2 posts in 2 days!! I'm so on fire!

Today I've been using my day off to cook. Not just food, but comfort food. Our family friends lost their mother/grandmother on Sunday so I''ve made lasagne and chockie ripple cake to take as an offering of comfort. Of course I made a little one of each for us tonight.

And anyone in Australia will know that in the AFL grand final this year is the Hawks and the Cats. My entire family are Cats fans, going back a long long time but ... J is a Hawks fan. A Die Hard Hawks Fan! This is us, just after the Hawks won the game on Saturday night. He looks happy doesn't he?! :) Notice the jumper!

So this weekend is the big show down! Cats Vs Hawks, My family & I Vs J. I so hope we win- there'll be no living with J if we don't! (He gloats like there's no tomorrow!)

Wish us luck!!


Shellbells said...

woman don't know if you are married yet or not...congrats if you are...goodluck if you arent yet!!! Have just tagged you and your lovely little blog...


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