Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm back! Woo Hoo! Oh my god, to have my own computer back is pure bliss.

Ok so I should fill in a bit about what's been going on here since my disappearance... We're getting ready for my sister's 21st birthday party. She's having it at our holiday house on a lake, so we've been out there all weekend trying to clean up and make it look presentable. We've set up the marquee and all is pretty much go.

I've been working flat out as well as trying my best to find someone to marry us! God, people must book these thing early. Perhaps I should have organised a celebrant before I sent out the invitations with the time on them! Obviously since having Aussie Bob my brain has truned to mush. Oh well it'll all work out.

I'm still working on my flock of birds, one of my birdesmaids is going to stuff them for me! Thank god. I was dreading the amount of work in so many of those little buggers. :)

Next post will have some photos, I promise! Vi ses!


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