Sunday, August 10, 2008

Broken and going cold turkey!

My laptop has carked it! Kicked the bucket! Gone belly up! And we are at a loss to know what to do with our spare time. I never realised how much I used the internet. Now I don't (sob). So I'm at my parent's place, thieving internet time from my brother's comp.

But I suppose the good thing to come out of having no internet is that I've been sewing like a demon trying to get my sister's quilt finished. Why did no one tell me how hard it is to sew satin in a quilt? I can't hold onto it to quilt it! So I came up with a solution, I now have a rubber thimble on every finger to grip. It looks stupid, but I congratulate myself on improvising skills. :)

Gotta run, should have my laptop back up and running in about 3 days if we're lucky. (snif)


Hannah said...

hehehe- just imagining rubber thimbles on all fingertips! Good luck with the quilt. Cant wait to see it.

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