Monday, July 14, 2008

A Give Away!!

I've now been blogging for almost a month, so I want to celebrate! I want to send someone a package of goodies. Including these:

They are size new born or a tiny bit bigger I think.
But it definitely wont be just these, I have several exciting things I've been stashing away! (including gorgeous vintage fabrics, a beautiful vintage book and you will just have to wait and see what else!)

So here's how you can win, leave a comment and tell me exactly why blogging makes you happy.
The winner will be the best answer as chosen by J and will be decided on the 20th- my one month blogging anniversary!
Ok get thinking and come up with some creative answers!


Rebecca said...

Blogging makes me happy because it allows me to share my sewing and quilting with my "support group". It's fun to make things but even better when you share them, and get the encouragement and oohs and aahs from others to make it all worth it and make you want to create more. I also love that it keeps me in touch with my family and friends so far away. It's a daily look into each other's lives and reminds us to think about one another more often.

Sherrin said...

blogging makes me happy because I love to share what I do with people who 'get it' - I love to connect with other crafty people, and am inspired by seeing what people do. It's incredible! And like Rebecca said, it's a good way to stay in touch with family- or at least my Mum! She's always looking to see what I'm doing.

Happy one month blogging! :o) Gorgeous little shoes, BTW- if I won these, I would pass them to my friend who has new twins. They're so sweet.

edward and lilly said...

Blogging makes me happy because I have a little space in the world to talk about the things I love and love doing. Blogging also makes me happy because of all the wonderful people I meet through doing it :)

Esther said...

Other people's blogging makes me happy because I learn new sewing skills and get to see what other creative people are up to!
maumauisginger at gmail dot com

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Blogging makes me happy as I get to share my love of vintagey things and get to make other people happy by giving things away! I love being inspired and finding others who dig just what I'm into as well.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Well done on a months blogging! I love to blog as I love to get creative inspiration from others and to share projects that my daughter and I create.

charlie said...

blogging is awesome because it enables me to learn without having to interact with people - i dont know if im technically agrophobic - but i really stress out with life to life interaction, mumble, sweat, go red, and clam-up.......but blogs let me be the person i feel im supposed to be. Plus there is so much to learn from all the people on here - missie i love the strawberries/fruit and cream hanger you made - im making it at the moment - "j" is such a lucky fellow to have a creative force like yourself in his life - best wishes to the winner

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