Sunday, July 13, 2008

My efforts for the kids...

My dad leaves tomorrow morning. So yesterday I was frantic trying to get together all the stuff for the kids. I've found 2 orphanages for him to go to, because they only have from age 0-3 and then they go to another place until 18 or 17. So I've managed to put together 2 separate packages:

This is for the babies

A little case with crayons, I think there's about 100 crayons in there!! Plus some balloons.

Some board books with a nice bag to keep them together.

2 Flannelet blankets and 10 pairs of socks.

And a bag filled with toy happiness...

And then for the older kids:

A pencil case filled with textas and crayons, then it opens and has 2 colouring books inside.

A Bag with foam finger puppets and balloons

And all these books in their own little case.

But seeing them all piled up like that, I am a bit disappointed that I didn't put together a few more things. It looks like not much when you think of how many kids will be using them. It's a start though, my Dad will get me the addresses of both places and I'll continue to send packages to them. I know that the baby's orphanage needs money for nappies, so I may try to do some sort of fund raiser. If anyone has ideas about what I could do please let me know.
Also my Dad is a member of Rotary, he has spoken to others in the club and they think they may be able to help me and possibly fund a trip to Bulgaria to see the kids. (This may be just a pipe dream though).


CurlyPops said...

That's such a sweet thing to do...yah for you!

ayumills said...

You're a really sweet person. It even looks like something someone did for her own children. Your post made me think I want to help children with handmade items too.

Missie Krissie said...

Oh thanks that's a nice thing to say!

mikey said...

Thats such a great idea. What sort of things would you do if you were able to go over to Bulgaria to help? No surveying i guess :)

Missie Krissie said...

Thanks Mikey, what I'd love to do is spend a month or so with the kids, just playing and giving them some cuddles. I'd also see if I could raise some money before I go and get as many nappies as I possibly can for the babies. Of course I'd take as many items as I could, like toys, clothes, blankets. I really hope I can do it one day. At the moment though I have a 18 month old who I couldn't leave just now. It has become my goal though!!
And no, there will be no surveying for me ever. I just don't have the marbles to comprehend it!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a lovely cause to support! I love you pencil and colouring book bags!

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