Saturday, July 19, 2008

An egg and bruise

It's been a long week and I'm not sure why. I just feel a bit exhausted and drained. Oh well, weekends are good for getting back on top of things.

First up I've got a pic or 2 of my little man. I told my dad I'd put them on here because he wanted to see the egg on his forehead (Dad's on holidays in Romania)- Aussie Bob had a bit of an accident, fell over his own feet and went head long into a chair. Hence the bruise and egg. The top one is not so flattering.

Also, I did some op shopping and got a HUGE bag of fabrics for the very costly price of $1. Yes that's right... I got a fantastic bargain. :) I'm a very happy chappy!

Look at the little elephants!! They're so cute, now I have to figure out what they will be made into!

Now, remember that you only have the rest of today to enter the give away!!
Just leave a comment on the post below this one and you are in the running.
J is choosing the winner tomorrow so hurry!!

Cheers everyone.

Dad stay safe and post something on your blog will ya?!
Love u... Go Cats!!


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