Sunday, July 20, 2008

The winner and this is...

OK.......the winner is..... drums beating...... CHARLIE!! Please contact me with your email and address, I can't seem to contact you through the comment you left. J picked you because you were the only one to mention him!! Typical men! But great for you Charlie! I am putting together your prize!

A big thanks to everyone who entered my little contest, your comments were so well thought out! I'll run another one soon I promise!

Now onto 'This is ... what makes me happy':

My boys, J and Aussie Bob. J is a wonderful father and Aussie Bob will grow up much loved and played with. :) Sometimes J is like a puppy, he sees a ball and just has this burning need to go and kick it around, now Aussie Bob is showing some definite signs of the same affliction! So they make a great pair!

Honestly though, I am so happy and proud of my little family, I congratulate myself on doing a rather good job of assembling it! :)

When I was going through my photos to look for some of my boys, I came across this one. It also made me smile, though it is bitter sweet. This is Jean, my step grandmother, though she had been married to my grandfather for longer than I have been alive. So she was the only grandmother I knew on that side of the family. Last year a train crash happened in the town I live in and Jean was killed, along with many others. She was so kind, I am just very thankful and happy that she met Aussie Bob, she was so happy! I hope Jean is watching over him. :)

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Hannah said...

That's very sad to hear that about your grandma. The picture of Jean and your son is beautiful.
There's something about grandparents and babies which is just lovely, and makes the heart skip a beat.
Beautiful photos.

CurlyPops said...

So sad to hear about your Gran...that is such a lovely photo of her.

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