Friday, November 26, 2010

I heart Flowers… literally

 flower power 1 flower power 2 flower power 3

I made all these pretty flowers to scatter around my market stall next Saturday. I think they will up the ‘chic’ factor :)

Then I got to thinking… what if I put them all on stretchy headbands and actually had them there to sell? Hmmm…

Should I make that extra effort or am I just confusing my customers as to what I actually want to be known for selling? (my jewellery and jewellery trees)

Please help, oh wise bloggers out there!


krissign (1)


Sandi Butler said...

Well, now that you have made them all, it wouldn't hurt to make a few headbands up, just to see how they go, you never know.

Casey said...

headbands would be cute!

Betty said...

Those are great, I haven't mastered that flower technique yet. I understand about sticking to your main craft, that's what the always recommend on etsy. I just can't seem to do it, and maybe that's why sales are slow for me, too much variety in my shop. Maybe just a few headbands, or as a bonus for certain amount spent. I also think the plain flowers would look pretty just sitting on the trees. It would certainly catch my eye.

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