Monday, October 18, 2010

This is what romance looks like… husbands take note

Lace flower bouquet 1 Lace flower bouquet 2 These flowers are a special gift for a lovely wife. A nice man from the US asked me to make them for her. That’s just nice in itself, but wait there’s more…

Every year for their anniversary this nice man gets his wife flowers made from the old traditional anniversary guide. So this means he has had made (or made himself) flowers from: paper, cotton, leather, linen, wood, iron, copper, bronze, pottery, tin, steel, silk and now lace.

I’m dying to see flowers made from rubies and sapphires and of course gold and diamonds! Perhaps that’s a few years down the track though.

Lace flower bouquet 3

I am told that the ladies she works with look forward to her anniversary more than their own!

 Lace flower bouquet 4 Lace flower bouquet 5

So my husband has been told to take note. This is romance… saying ‘oh, did you want me to get you something?’ on the actual day of the anniversary isn’t. :)

If you want to make the flowers, you can use this tutorial

And the vase is also lace that I wrapped around a jar and coated several times with modge podge so it would stand up alone. If you do this remember to wrap cling film around the jar first… otherwise your attempts to remove it when dry wont end happily :) (yes I found that out the hard way)

So now that you’ve had a little romance, I hope you have a little smile too!

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Casey said...

wow that is gorgeous! and incredibly sweet of the husband, definitely a catch there!

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