Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sorry, busy swanning…

Yep, that’s me, busy swanning around Bendigo ON MY OWN! I’ve left the kids with the Hubby and zoomed down the highway at a million miles an hour :)

While I’m relaxing at my sister’s house (and sleeping past 9am! Yes!) I thought I’d show you some photos that Jem took of me at work in the studio- just don’t look at the mess:

 In the studio 1In the studio 2 This is what I was soldering

Curly, spotty pendant 1 Curly, spotty pendant 2

A spotty, curly pendant.

I’m really liking free-flowing designs just now, here are a few more examples:

 a twisted heart ring 1 a twisted heart ring 4

A heart ring and this pendant which was me first try at making my drawn design (the green one)…

sketches 3It was going to be a ring but I decided that it wouldn’t survive well and would bend. So it became a pendant…  Curly pendant 3Curly pendant 1

Are you a fan of free-flowing designs, or are conformed shapes more appealing do you think?


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CurlyPops said...

Have fun swanning! I'm loving your free-form, swirly curly designs.

Sandi Butler said...

Good for you!!! Have fun swanning :)
Just love, love, love the spotty pendant - brilliant!!

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