Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yup, just as I thought…

Flooded roads 4 Flooded roads 1 Flooded roads 2 Flooded roads 3

This is the detour road! How bad must the original road be?!

I watched a fire truck come through one of these wash outs and thought ‘yeah no worries, looks fine’…

… not fine!

Definitely not fine!Half way through I was hurriedly planning how I would get my kids out the windows and walk with them to safety when the car died. The water came half way up the doors!

Maybe next time I won’t equate the size of a fire truck with my sedan. Luckily we got through safe and sound, and an hour after we heard that the detour road had been closed too!

We were driving through all this water to get to lunch with this guy…

Aus and Dad

Happy Father’s Day Dad/Pa!

Sadly we couldn’t spend Father’s Day with this guy…

noah 1st birthday 2 But we thought about you all day Daddy and miss you like crazy as usual!

We love you! xx

Hope you showed your Daddy some love today!


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Sandi Butler said...

Glad you got through the floodwaters ok; that sounded a bit scary.

Big and Little with Odd Socks said...

I hate driving through floods. Did you manage to get home or was fathers day extended with a sleepover?

billiemonster said...

Omigosh that sounds scary!!!! Glad you made it through. Eep!

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