Monday, September 6, 2010

Clever boy

Aus writing on the window 1

Can you see what he’s doing?

Yup, those are in fact the letter ‘A’. Condensation on the windows can be useful for entertaining small people when there’s no outside fun to be had :) He used every window he could reach and filled them completely with the ‘A’s.

Aus is under the impression that the letter ‘A’ is all he needs for his name and refuses to attempt a ‘U’ or any other letters. Well, practice makes perfect I guess and when he has the perfect ‘A’ we’ll practice the others in turn.

My widows are now filthy and need cleaning, but who could resist this face?

Aus writing on the window 2 Doesn’t he look so proud of himself!


krissign (1)


Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

What a gorgeous face, no, you can not resist it.
Before you know it, he will know his whole name.....Abbey can do her first name really well now, but some days is looks like Abbet, she struggles with the "y". Bless them!

ange_moore said...

As a child I did something similar but with chalk, on the walls. But it was the letter "A"!

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