Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The things we do!

Today my Wee Man was not keen on his afternoon nap. Several attempts at laying him down and walking out were met with screaming. So I laid him down and sat on the other bed in his room so he knew I was still there. After about 15 minutes it began to work and his eyes were starting to close.


I was getting a bit impatient by this stage and decided to make my escape from the room without him seeing me. The only way I could do this was to crawl past his cot, below his eye level. So I leaned forward very slowly, wincing at the creaking noise from the bed I was sitting on. Eventually I ended up on my hands a knees and began to slowly crawl towards the door. I was about half way there when it struck me how ridiculous I must have looked.

Seriously. This is how desperate mothers can get for the semi-freedom while their child naps (I call this semi-freedom because real freedom is not spent folding clothes or packing the dishwasher). They are willing to crawl from their child’s room to ensure themselves that moments peace!

Well, I don’t care how I looked crawling from Noah’s room. I got 1 hour of total quiet when I had both children asleep and that is priceless!

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GG With A Twist of Lime said...

Trust me you are not alone. I did it with my kids and now am doing it with my grandkids.

Big and Little with Odd Socks said...

I have done this many a time and even commando crawled sometimes when the floor has many squeeky spots.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

He he, this made me giggle. Yes, we all do funny things like this - good we can all laugh about them!

Square Bubble said...

I understand!


Margaret said...

I can say that I have done the same ting, for our children and the grandies. Mother's love.

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