Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's not Tuesday


I just got back from visiting hubby for a few days while he is at his training station 2 1/2 hours away. It was fun and great to see him in action as a 'weeceman' (even if he did look like a startled rabbit, he he).

The only thing about visiting him over there is that I have to survive without internet. Oh the horror! Every time I leave home I feel like one of my limbs is missing because I can't go and instantly look up whatever I want- banking, news, blogs etc. I do have it on my phone but its just not the same.

I'll admit this is pretty darn sad. I did still tinker on my computer late at night while waiting for hubby to come home from a shift, but really it's like having ice cream with no toppings whatsoever! It's just plain and... kinda boring.

Here's an indication of my desperation- I went through my entire 'pictures' folder and made as many stencils out of all my images as I possibly could. Sad. But at least I can share some with you :)

Perhaps when my darling husband brings back my iron I might actually get to use some of these stencils with my freezer paper! A girl can dream...


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