Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kind People and a new Headband

Sometimes it amazes me how people can just sense someone in need of a little helping hand.
On Thursday a friend was walking past our house with her 8yr old daughter and on the spur of the moment decided to give me a few hours respite from Aus. She came and asked if he would like to come with them to have a ride on a tractor! Aus nearly wet himself, he was so excited! He came home with a huge grin and some Anzac biscuits- which he immediately hoed into!
I'm just so grateful to all the people offering to have Aus for the night or take him places. It takes his mind off missing Dad for a little while and he gets to have some fun instead of doing housework with Mum! (and Mum gets a rest too!)

This week has been a bit more stressful because Noah has 5 teeth cutting through at the same time. The poor little thing gets bright red cheeks and just feels rotten. So nights around here are basically me practicing getting in and out of bed, trying to soothe my poor baby. Hopefully it will all settle down for a while once these teeth are up :)
But, even though he's teething, Noah is talking! So far we have 'Mum, Bub, Nan, Dad, Dog and ta ta!'. He points at each thing when he says it, and for 'ta ta' he waves. You can really see his mind working when he's learning something new and he's so quick at picking it up!

I guess I better go and do something constructive while Daddy's here to look after kiddies! But I'll leave you with pictures of the new headband I made using an old bit of crochet trimming.

scrap crochet headband 2

scrap crochet headband


Lady Bug Cat said...

Poor Noah, 5 teeth cutting, I hope they are through soon and you are not too tired. And yay for the talking, go Noah!

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