Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A gift for my Bestie :)

Yesterday was my best friend's birthday. She's a huge support for me at the moment and is always up for a chat about anything. It also helps that we like the same things- op shopping, garage sales and clearing sales to name a few! And we are both hugely proud of how well our families get along. Our Hubbies enjoy a beer or 3 together and instantly start planning their next fishing trip, and her 2 kids are both only 2 months young than my 2. We're very close and I would almost consider her a sister now days :)
So I took her out for coffee and cake yesterday. We usually don't buy gifts for each other, just the kids... unless we make them. So this year I made her a sterling silver filigree ring:

mins ring 4

mins ring 3

mins ring 2

mins ring 1

She really loved it! And she is tough to please, being a qualified jeweller! :)

Her birthday is actually the day after her eldest daughter's who turned 3 on Monday. I just had to show you the cake for her party!

brylie cake

How cool is that?!


Banaghaisge said...

That is a very beautiful ring fpr your BGF, and how good is that to get aclaim from someone who spends their working life (and possibly the rest of it too!) looking at jewellery!

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