Tuesday, February 23, 2010

These Boots were made for walking!

Cos I made 'em! They're sleeves off an old jumper turned into boots using this tutorial!


I'm pretty proud and they turned out well... now for some cool weather to wear them!!
I'm going to find a thicker jumper to make another pair, like the tutorial ones. You can never have enough shoes!

I've also just finished a bracelet I've been working on for a while now:

Filigree bracelet 6

Filigree bracelet 5

Filigree bracelet 4

Filigree bracelet 3

Filigree bracelet 1

I like this one because it really hugs the wrist and is perfectly fitted without being annoying (I hate annoying jewellery, even if it looks pretty!) It's set with a clear citrine that just about did my head in trying to set! But it turned out quite nicely methinks!

And this is a brooch WIP, for a custom order. I hope it's to your liking so far Sarah!

tiara brooch wip

Thanks everyone for entering the giveaway, if you haven't - better get in quick, it ends tomorrow night. There have been some pretty funny entries so far, hopefully there will be more to entertain me :)


Sarah said...

Oh Kris, the boots are super cool, the bracelet is lovely of course, but oh my the brooch is already all that I hoped it would be. Perfect, and very princessy. I will stand out in a crowd for sure!

Sandi Butler said...

Very stylish!! (both the boots and the lovely jewelry)

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