Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A hush falls over the crowd as the envelope is opened...

And the winner is....


For making my husband giggle like a little girl with this comment:

"A guy walks into his psychiatrist's office wearing nothing but plastic wrap. The shrink says, "clearly, I can see your nuts."

I am just nuts about this ring and would proudly wear it."

Yes my husband is in fact a 5yr old trapped in a man's body :)
Well done to bellaandmolly! I will need some details from you to make your ring so please contact me :)
But honorable mentions go to-

Rachel for this comment using poetic skills:

Just noticing how
Exceptionally sweet &
Romantic your love for
Each other is. In
My humble opinion,
Your husband is a lucky guy!

and Jennifer who took the art of sucking up to a new level! :

Wow, you must have the most incredibly HANDSOME, COMPASSIONATE, HARD WORKING, SELFLESS, STRONG, SMART and FUNNY husband that ever walked the Earth. How WONDERFUL he must be for you to be able to create such incredibly beautiful jewelry. He must be your inspiration. You should definitely worship the ground he walks on for giving you such joy that reflects in you work...LOL!!! How was that? Pick me, pick me!!!

And lastly Corak the Mysterious who appealed on the very basic level of 'man to man':

My wife raves about the jewelry posted on this blog, so when she mentioned the ring giveaway I felt I had to appeal to male camaraderie and hope you choose my post as the winner and help make me popular tonight.

Great comments guys, I've decided you need to get something for your efforts.
How's 30% off any 1 item in the Missie Krissie shop sound? To be redeemed whenever you wish, if there's nothing you like now, save it for later!

Thanks to everyone who entered, I had fun reading comments and had a few little giggles to myself! Please keep an eye out for the next giveaway!


bellivas said...
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bellivas said...

why leave them if there going to be deleted?

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