Monday, September 14, 2009

Jumping babies...

Finally my smallest is 3 months old and ready to become a Jolly Jumper!
He's not that fond of the actual jumping involved but loves standing and turning to look at whatever he wants :)

On the weekend we went to Bendigo to see my 2 cousins play football to get into the finals. Sadly both lost and wont be playing in the big one. But I went to see a movie for the first time since Noah was born- Inglorious Bastards. It was quite good I thought and I really enjoyed it (even though it was VERY violent). The storyline was well done and surprising, and the heavenly Brad Pitt was quite funny. Generally I don't like violence but it seemed in context in this movie. Some parts did make me catch my breath because of the realness of slit throats etc.

On the subject of Bendigo, I wanted to ask if many people who read this blog go there? I was thinking that I know of so many op shops there, some very well hidden. And if anyone was interested I was going to make a map with at least 10 oppys located all through Bendigo? So let me know if you think you'd like to use it.

I've also sent these off for a guy who likes boot camp (god knows why!):

They are sterling silver dog tags with dates stamped on them. There are no gaps in the dates because they are meant to look like serial numbers. What do you think?

And in regards to our 'unwanted visitor', my sister in law came over last night and politely asked it to leave. She burnt some sage and also had some incense. Since then I haven't felt anything, like a presence etc. I really hope it's gone and I don't have to lie awake all night worrying about what is happening in Aus's room. I still don't think I'll be able to stay home by myself for a while!

Hope your weekend was splendid!!


CurlyPops said...

I haven't been op shopping in Bendigo since I went to uni there. A list would be great. My sister lives in Clunes now so I could take her on a trip to Bendigo next time I go to Clunes for a holiday.

Casey said...

I hope it's gone too!

Vera Jean said...

Hubby loves the dogtags and is constantly asked what the numbers are - or "You in the army mate?" from strangers.. He loves them.. and recieves many a compliment too!!! As for the bootcamp I think he loves getting muddy and sweaty (reliving his childhood perhaps). ha ha..

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