Sunday, August 9, 2009

The white stuff!

Last Tuesday we took a trip to Mt Bulla to play in the snow. This is the first time Aus has seen snow and he had the time of his life. After one trip down on the toboggan with Dad, he wanted to go down by himself and the next go on his tummy head first. That dare-devil child will be the death of me, he's only 2 and a half!
Noah spent the entire day asleep inside either mine or his Dad's coats. Several times people asked me 'Is that a real baby?'... I wanted to say 'No I'm carrying around a doll!'. But all of them said 'Oh, you're brave!' when I said he was real. Why is it brave? Are they implying that I wasn't doing the right thing by having him there? That he might get sick? Well he didn't and we all had a fantastic day.

After my yummy lunch I swapped with my sister and went skiing for an hour while she went tobogganing with Aus. Oh it was so good to hit the slopes again and glide down with such minimal effort (my kind of sport!). I did have one small mishap, when a learner cut across in front of me and took my skis with her. I didn't want to land on her so i just sat down and skidded until I stopped. I was a bit miffed that she managed to stay upright tho!
It was such a great day but we were all so tired by the time we got home. Happily though my legs weren't even slightly sore after not having been used for so long! :)

I have a small announcement later tonight so check back soon!


My Love is..... said...

I used to get people saying that to me all the time when I carried my babies...."ohhhh is that a real baby in there??" WTF!! I am always surprised at how unopen peoples minds are. Congrats on getting some skiing in!! Looks like a great weekend.

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