Thursday, August 6, 2009

Er... a little help people?

So. I made this for my sister for her birthday (Annie if you are looking at this avert your eyes now!). I quite like it. I've been a collector of spoons/forks/general silver ware for a while and have a burning desire to buy it at op shops whenever I see it. I've got lots of old pretty ones and some quite valuable from what I've been able to find out about them.
But there are also some that aren't at all valuable and only worth the 10c I paid for them. What to do when they start coming out my ears? Make a jewellery tree of course!

(click pics to enlarge)

I know the photos are horrible but as usual it was night before I managed the time to take them.
I've use vintage spoons and forks and a server, as well as a small silver vase for the trunk of the tree. They all have E.P.N.S on the back (elecrto-plated nickel silver) and are soldered on with silver solder. I'll get some clearer photos in the morning and take a few without jewellery- I realise it looks very busy but really its not at all.
I think the best feature of this tree is that it has places to put things you can't hang, like studs or a brooch. I've had a jewellery tree before, it frustrated me that everything couldn't go in the same spot and a box had to be near for some bits and pieces. So this is my solution, I'm making myself one asap :)
But what I want from you dear friends is your views on several issues with my tree...
1. Do you like it?
2. Would you or someone you know pay for it if you saw it at a market etc. ?
3. Have you seen the same anywhere?
4. Should I paint it white or leave it silver and just varnish/seal it? (some of the silver is quite old and not exactly silver in colour any more, but I think it gives it more character)
Please be honest, no offense taken if you tell me it's horrible and ugly (sadly then my sister is still getting it for her birthday, hehe)
I'm thinking of selling them in my shop because I haven't seen any before. And after several google and flickr searches I've concluded that I'm the only one who is making them just now. I wonder if that's a good thing or not? Maybe I'm the only one who thinks it's pretty and a good idea :) I also thought that maybe if people had collected some cutlery they liked, they could send them to me to put together into a tree for them?
It gives me an excuse to keep buying silver anyway! And it's recycling old stuff no one wants, the oppys are full of this stuff!
Thank you in advance for your opinions, muchly appreciated!
Back tomorrow hopefully with show and tell from our snow trip!


CurlyPops said...

Well I think it's fabulous, and I haven't seen anything like it.
I think just a clear coat of sealer would be best.
It should do well at markets - might be a bit difficult to pack and post for online (but worth checking out).
The great thing is that it can also double up as a christmas tree just by adding baubles instead of jewellery!

rachelmp said...

I like it, would leave it silver and haven't seen it before. I think it would sell for quirky value. I like Cam's idea for Christmas too. The bit I like least is the vase but that me but I see how it fits in (No offence at all Kris xx)

willywagtail said...

I really like this and would definitely buy such a thing if I had space and money. I would leave it silver as that emphasises where it came from. Your sister is very lucky. Cherrie

Kelly said...

I couldn't go past without leaving a comment..hope that's okay! I love it. Such an orginal idea and I would have no hesitation in buying one..if I had the space to put it. I would just leave it as is. Your sister is one lucky girl.

JustJess said...

Love this idea. I have not seen anything like this, and love the branches of the tree, and the use of the spoons to hold things, as well as the tines of the forks twisted like twigs. Unsure about the vase, but wondering how else to stabilise it... Twisted wire of some sort perhaps? Would buy one if price was friendly! Well done!

Cat said...

Wow, it is amazing! I love it, and would love to own one. I personally don't have the space at the moment of where I would put it (I have a jewellery organiser, attached to a wall, it is overflowing)
I have seen a few spoon wind chimes in my time, but not any recently.

Chocolate Cat said...

Yes Yes Yes!!!!I love it! Leave it silver though. Would be very happy as they could be next years birthday presents for all the people who had necklaces this year!!! Tell me please as soon as I can order one!

Leahdis said...

Im The same as everyone else. Love it and yes leave it silver. I have a tree, but it dosnt hold earings and rings, thats why yours is so much cooler. Yes I would buy it and no Ive never seen one before.
Good luck with it all.

Banaghaisge said...

YES!!! It is a stunner! Wouldn't do anything more to the silver - you need to keep the integrity of the original pieces.
I will keep my eye out for silver vases for you too down this way.
You are immensely clever, well done Super Mummy!
PS Still wearing your beautiful stay calm ring...

Calidore said...

1. Love it. 2. Love it. 3. Love it...vbg. Can you tell I like Absolutely stunning. Leave it silver though - keeps the integrity of the cutlery intact. I would think it would be a very special item for a very special present and I haven't seen anything like it anywhere. Keep up the good work.

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